Airport Parking for Interstate Holidays
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Airport Parking for Interstate Holidays

When planning an interstate trip where you will be travelling via plane, one of the most important questions is how do I get to the airport. Is it better to leave the car at home and take a taxi or should you drive to the airport and organise airport parking there. There are pros and cons for both choices.

Leaving the car at home can be a risky thing if you do not have a lock up garage. Most people have to park their car in a driveway, or even the street which can make the car susceptible to break-ins or general damage. Many houses located in the inner cities do not have driveways and their streets have parking restrictions. So if you're going away for any length of time, it means leaving your car at home might be impossible. Furthermore, organising the taxi and rushing around can be quite a headache.

Because if this, it might be better to simply drive to the airport and leave your car securely there. If you're leaving from Victoria and heading interstate, then Melbourne airport parking will ensure your car is looked after safely and securely. You can also get it tuned up or detailed, so when you return from that short break your car will be like new!

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