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How to pay for that vacation

Planning a holiday requires a lot of work. And it can also require a lot of money. There are numerous expenses to consider including:

  • transport (flights/trains/buses/taxis)
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • souvenirs
  • entertainment
  • sightseeing
  • plus the unexpected costs

You also need to budget more than you're planning because things just come up, and when you're on holiday you are less frugal with your spending.

Most people don't get to take a big trip very regularly, due to work constraints, kids, commitments and of course money. If you've managed to get time off, then you definitely want to enjoy it. So if you're struggling to get your budget up to scratch, you may want to consider a loan.


A personal loan can help finance your trip and make sure you're not holding back on that special getaway.

Some lending companies we recommend include:

BLF who can ensure a short term loan with a fixed rate so you know what your commitments will be upon your return. They can also provide flexible payment options to help keep things affordable.

Prime Lenders make it easy to get fast cash for your trip, without lots of paperwork and hurdles to jump over. When you're planning a getaway, you don't want to waste a tonne of time financing it.

 A holiday should be a fun time away. Therefore you should have enough money to enjoy it. But be smart, don't borrow more than you can handle or you will be regretting the trip long after you get back!