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Looking for a short holiday?

When going on a short holiday, the hardest things to organise are the when and where. Finding time to take a break between your busy schedule can be tough, especially if you have a partner (and kids) who have to get time off from their everyday activities too. 

Similarly, finding a place for your holiday that everyone agrees on can be a lot of hard work, with so many options. Both when and where will also be effected by a third factor, budget. If you DO have children, chances are the only time you will get away is during the school holidays. These periods are always more expensive, both for travel and for accommodation. And if you DO have a busy lifestyle, holidays won't be all that frequent, meaning you will probably want to go somewhere special, which won't be cheap. 

 Because of this, it is important to ensure your budget can handle the short break. If you are struggling to get funds, one idea is to try fundraising to make up the money to pay for your trip. There are a number of things you can do which will earn you extra cash, and the kids can get involved too which will make the experience all the more worthwhile. If you're going to a place renowned for their waves why not get some surfing lessons so you can learn to surf before you go away. 

 When in Melbourne, you may be tempted to visit the Zoo or the Aquarium. But for something a bit different, why not get up close and personal with reptiles that actually come to you! Reptile Encounters comes to your location with an array of Aussie fauna, including crocodiles, snakes, turtles, lizards and lots more. Plus, they put on an educational show, talking about the animals and their habitat, which is great if you have kids! 

 If you're taking your partner on a relaxing getaway, why not go the extra step and buy her a new outfit to wear while you're on holidays, soaking up the sun. Turn on your computer and do some online womens clothes shopping to find her some new fashionable clothing for the trip. Trust me, it will be a great investment for you, if you know what I mean! 

 When going away to a different location, the weather can be quite different to where you normally live. And even if it is hot and sunny during the day, some foreign areas can get very cold at nights. So it is important that you pack appropriately and don't just expect to sleep in a tshirt and boxers. It might be worthwhile also packing full length warm pyjamas that keep your full body warm, even on the coldest of nights. 

 By the same token, if you've just had a new baby and you take them along on the holiday, it might be hard to get used to their routines and work the needs of the child around your needs of a relaxing holiday. A baby sleep specialist can help you implement a strategy to work within the infants patterns and get some structure in the days and nights so you can still have a fun trip away.