Leave Your Pet in Luxury
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Leave Your Pet in Luxury

If you're holiday is for any decent length of time and you own pets, you probably feel bad leaving them alone. Plus you don't want to always rely on the neighbours to feed them and keep an eye on them. Whether you have a cat or dog, luxury pet accommodation can give you peace of mind and treat the animal to their own holiday.

Instead of a standard cat boarding facility, consider a pet resort or luxury hotel for your little furry friend. With their own special suites with different themes and features, your pets will have a stay to remember, and come back just as relaxed as you. One of my favourite places that I highly recommend in Melbourne is: http://www.baysidecatresort.com.au

If your budget is a bit lower, maybe the neighbours can feed you cat and bring it fresh water, but for piece of mind you might want to consider a cattery to look after your beloved feline. Ensure your holiday is worry-free, knowing that your cat is looked after in a professional boarding facility, so you can laze on the beach in peace.

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